Album Title: Songs for Animals, People and the Earth


Artist Name: Daniel Redwood








Twitter: @DanRedwoodSongs


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Daniel Redwood is a vegan singer-songwriter whose new album of animal rights songs continues his “songs with a message” legacy, which includes past work with the peace and farmworkers’ movements. One of his songs, "La Lucha Continuará (The Struggle Goes On)" was selected by the Smithsonian Institution for inclusion in its Grammy-nominated 5-CD collection, The Best of Broadside: Anthems of the American Underground. Access Full Bio






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“The peace movement has Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger; the animal rights movement has Daniel Redwood, whose songs of justice for animals are deeply moving and inspiring. I love this album and can’t wait for the next one.”   

~BRUCE FRIEDRICH, Senior Director for Advocacy, Farm Sanctuary  


“Daniel Redwood is the troubadour of the animal rights movement. He puts their plight, and their liberation, to music in a way that we can sing along until the world catches up that all creatures deserve compassion.”

 ~VICTORIA MORAN, author, Main Street Vegan



“As the vegan movement gathers momentum, creativity and passion are blending to uplift and transform our culture. This is especially evident in Daniel Redwood’s album, Songs for Animals, People, and the Earth. With heart-touching lyrics and seasoned musicianship, these songs are soulful anthems to an awakening consciousness of kindness for all living beings. Music has long been recognized for its power to stir feelings and galvanize social change, and this album goes a long way toward capturing and expressing the essence of the vegan movement’s ethos of compassion. A perfect gift for animal lovers of all kinds.”

 ~WILL TUTTLE, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet, 
recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award


“Daniel Redwood’s music is as stirring as his lyrics, which inspire listeners to empathize with animals and take action on their behalf. His passion for giving a voice to animals is moving, and what a voice it is!”

 ~PAUL SHAPIRO, Vice President, Farm Animal Protection, 
The Humane Society of the United States





The musicians are Daniel Redwood (vocals, guitar), Monique Danielle (vocals), Farley Compton (electric guitar, guitar, vocals on "Rise Up"), Mark Thies (electric bass, keyboards), Stephen DiFranco (drums), Sascha Groschang (cello), Roger Wilder (piano), Bill Dye (electric guitar, steel guitar), Tony LeCroix (electric guitar, guitar), and Tom Ransom (guitar on "Justice").


Songs for Animals, People and the Earth was produced and arranged by Mark Thies at Markosa Studios, Kansas City. Mastered by Don Grossinger. Design and photography by Beth Lily Redwood. Cover painting, "We Are All Friends," is by Madeleine Tuttle (


All songs © Daniel Redwood (ASCAP) except With Us, Not for Us (words by Daniel Redwood and music by B.J. Leiderman, which is published by B.J. Leiderman Music (ASCAP); Song of the World’s Last Whale (Pete Seeger) ©  Stormking Music (BMI); and Rise Up (Make This Moment Last) © Maria Daines and Paul Killington (ASCAP).


A portion of all proceeds will be donated to farm animal sanctuaries and animal advocacy groups.