“Daniel Redwood is the troubadour of the animal rights movement. He puts their plight, and their liberation, to music in a way that we can sing along until the world catches up that all creatures deserve compassion.”  ~VICTORIA MORAN, author, Main Street Vegan     “As the vegan movement gathers momentum, creativity and passion are blending to uplift and transform our culture. This is especially evident in Daniel Redwood’s album, Songs for Animals, People, and the Earth. With heart-touching lyrics and seasoned musicianship, these songs are soulful anthems to an awakening consciousness of kindness for all living beings. Music has long been recognized for its power to stir feelings and galvanize social change, and this album goes a long way toward capturing and expressing the essence of the vegan movement’s ethos of compassion. A perfect gift for animal lovers of all kinds.”  ~WILL TUTTLE, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet,  recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award     “The peace movement has Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger; the animal rights movement has Daniel Redwood, whose songs of justice for animals are deeply moving and inspiring. I love this album and can’t wait for the next one.”    ~BRUCE FRIEDRICH, Executive Director, Good Food Institute      “Daniel Redwood's music is beautiful, moving and exhilarating, lyrical and liberating. It will make you sing, cry, dance and shout for joy -- and for justice -- all at once.  Rise Up (Make This Moment Last) -- the last great song on this amazing album -- says it all. Daniel's music is a lasting treasure to cherish and share for the animal people of the earth.”  ~KAREN DAVIS, Ph.D., President, United Poultry Concerns     “Songs for Animals, People and the Earth is one of the most beautiful and inspiring albums I have listened to in a very, very long time. Every phrase, every song, every message is an absolutely beautiful reminder of the beauty, sensitivity, compassion and caring each of us carries within us. The album, the music, its words, the sound of gentleness and sensitivity of Daniel's voice truly captures what the animal protection, rescue, sanctuary, vegan and rights movements are all about. The music and words not only inspire but also heal the wounds, frustrations, and pain each of us feel in our uphill efforts to make the world a more just and compassionate place for all our precious fellow beings. I am so very thankful to Daniel for his amazingly beautiful gift, to us, to them, to the world. His music and words truly nourish my soul, as I know they will the millions who have not as yet heard it. The animal protection movement, the earth, our fellow beings and I are truly in his debt.”                                                                   ~ELLIOT KATZ, D.V.M., Founder, Guardian, and President Emeritus, In Defense of Animals                                                                        “I find these songs at once moving and inspiring. Daniel Redwood's passion and compassion shine through in every line.”  ~MELANIE JOY, Ph.D., author, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows     “With Songs for Animals, People and the Earth, singer, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Redwood proves beyond a doubt that Samuel Goldwyn was wrong when he said, “If you want to send a message, call Western Union.” The songs, including both original compositions and tunes by musical icons like Pete Seeger and B. J. Leiderman of National Public Radio fame, carry a powerful message of compassion for our planet and all who live on it. But they are first-rate entertainment. So take that, Mr. Goldwyn. Daniel Redwood is a gifted musician who makes the most of his gifts on this CD. If you like folk-pop, or even if—like me—you usually don’t, this is one not to miss. It hits all the right notes.”  ~NORM PHELPS, author, Changing the Game: Why the Battle for  Animal Liberation is So Hard, and How We Can Win It     “With the power and eloquence to transform hearts and minds on behalf of farm animals, Daniel Redwood sings deeply moving anthems for the animal rights movement. I highly recommend this album.”  ~GENE BAUR, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary       “With his newly released CD, Songs for Animals, People & the Earth, Daniel Redwood masterfully synthesizes immensely beautiful music with the critically important message that we need to stop raising, slaughtering, and eating animals. Through these songs, Daniel conveys the painful reality of our current food choices as they involve animals in an artistic and inspiring manner that expresses vision and hope. For instance, in “Choose a New Story,” Daniel moves the listener as he adeptly broadens the topic beyond simply factory farming to include the effect we have on our planet and the all the life we share it with. I find this CD inspiring and encourage everyone to listen to the powerful message and then share it with others. Positive change for a healthier and more peaceful planet is the key to our survival, and it begins with changing our food choices to purely plant-based systems. Although disconnects abound, these songs provide promise. As Daniel sings, “...when you make the connection, the truth will set you free...”    ~ DR. RICHARD OPPENLANDER, author, Comfortably Unaware: Global Depletion and Food Choice Responsibility     “This beautiful music and poignant lyrics are enough to melt anyone’s heart. Daniel has an exquisite sensitivity that comes through in every turn of phrase.”  ~NEAL BARNARD, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for  Responsible Medicine, author, Power Foods for the Brain  and Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes      “Singing from the heart, Daniel Redwood lends his voice to animals with thoughtful lyrics that inspire compassion. His music offers melodies, along with a powerful message, that everyone can enjoy.”   ~ERICA MEIER, Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing        “Daniel Redwood’s friendly voice and charming lyrics will entertain listeners while cultivating compassion.”   ~JONATHAN BALCOMBE, author, The Exultant Ark  and Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals     “In Songs for Animals, People and the Earth, Daniel Redwood provides an inspiring and compassionate soundtrack for the animals and people who love them. The moving lyrics and music come from the heart and the power of his message lifts the soul. Thank you, Daniel, for being such a beautiful voice for animals.”  ~ROBIN ROBERTSON, author, Vegan Planet and many others   “How nice it is to hear songs so well-produced, with a wide choice of instrumentation and a full-bodied sound. Daniel Redwood has mastered a number of very different genres, which is pretty damn impressive in one album. I appreciate his wit and his earnestness in equal measure. It’s always tricky writing songs about animal rights without it sounding (a) preachy; (b) treacly; (c) maudlin; or (d) self-righteous. These songs deftly avoid these traps.”  ~MARTIN ROWE, Co-founder, Lantern Books,  and author, The Way of Compassion     “This music is such a gift to all sacred life. The animals of earth have been singing to us for centuries. Now Daniel Redwood is singing to them and for them. The universal language of music has the power to elevate global consciousness and to help create the gentle, nonviolent, vegan world we want to share with all living beings. This transformative and heartfelt album is surely one of the most powerful tools we have to open people’s hearts so that together we can sing a new song of peace for all and finally end the devastating war on animals. Please share these songs with everyone you know.”  ~JUDY CARMAN, author, Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul,  and co-author, The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with  Animals, and Co-founder (with Will Tuttle) of the Circle of Compassion      ”



Daniel Redwood: Songs for Animals, People and the Earth