1. Just Like Us

From the recording For the Animals

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Just Like Us is an anthem for the animals, who value their lives as much as we value ours.
When we look into their eyes, we see our companions on this Earth, our fellow beings to whom
we can open our hearts.

Words by Daniel and Beth Lily Redwood
Music by Daniel Redwood

Daniel Redwood: guitar, vocals
Sasha Groshang: cello
Mark Thies: electric bass and percussion


Just like us, their mothers love them so
Just like us, protect them as they grow
Just like us, daughters and sons
With a life of their own, each and every one

Just like us, their hearts beat strong and true
Under feathers, fins, or fur
Or skin like me and you
Just like us, formed from flesh and bone
They’re just like us, when all is said and done

Just like us, they see and hear and feel
Just like us, their suffering souls can heal
Just like us, with such a strong will to survive
And just like us, they’ll fight to stay alive

They are our kin
Companions on this earth
breathing out, breathing in

Just like us, they’re conscious and aware
Of those who’d do them harm
And those who truly care
Just like us, they recognize their friends
The ones who’ll share their joys, and sorrows ‘til the end

Just like us, they cry from loss and pain
And just like us, those memories remain
But love can heal, and the force of life can rise
And grow and thrive, and joy can come alive

The time has come, to take a stand
And say what we must say
For once we’ve seen ourselves in them
How can we turn away?
All this violence and cruelty
Must end, it must be banned
And you and I, we hold the keys
Their future’s in our hands

Can you hear, o can you feel it now, a distant rising drum
Deep in our hearts, we surely know that better days can come
But only if we stand, defend their rights, the right to live and breathe
And walk this earth forever more
In peace and dignity
Just like us

© 2018 by Daniel and Beth Redwood (ASCAP)