1. Vegan Heart

From the recording For the Animals

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We live in a time of great danger. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise from the burning
of fossil fuels, the spread of animal agriculture and the massive deforestation it requires, and
many other foundational elements of industrial civilization. Those who choose not to turn to our
gaze away from the advancing catastrophe often find ourselves shifting back and forth between
hope and hopelessness, between possibility and despair. This song embodies that push
and pull.

Words by Beth Lily Redwood
Music by Daniel Redwood

Daniel Redwood: guitar, vocals
Mark Thies: electric bass, flute


When the bees have stopped their buzzing
The forests are no more
Wildlife has gone extinct
The lions cease to roar
As air becomes unbreathable
Death claims the ocean floor
And we live upon a wasteland
Struggling to endure
Then will we remember
The promise in our soul
To serve as stewards of the Earth,
Our one and only home
Cry for all Creation
Cry for the World Soul
Hear the pleas of Mother Nature
Whose heart has been bought and sold

Why are we the species
Consuming as we go
Taking without giving
Forgetting what we know
We are a thread in Indra’s net
One piece of a sacred whole
Our ecosystem teems with life
As it has since days of old

There’s bounty in the harvest
Beauty in the land
Embrace it with a vegan heart
And come to understand
All life belongs to Nature
We’re bound to Planet Earth
In the seeds of all our actions
Lies destruction or rebirth
At the heart of Mother Nature
Lies the heartbeat of the world
And every mother’s nature
Is to love her precious child
The air, the land, the waters
They connect us to each other
The whale, the dove, the lamb, and us
We’re fed by the same Mother

There’s bounty in the harvest
Beauty in the land
Embrace it with your vegan heart
And come to understand
Hear the song of all creation
Sing the song of the world soul
In harmony with nature
As the coming days unfold.
As the coming days unfold.

© 2023 by Daniel and Beth Redwood (ASCAP)